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ABS Hydrogen Water Dispenser , Professional Facial Machines For Women






Product Details:

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, CN
Brand Name: Chuanghui
Certification: CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Delivery Time: 7-15 days after receiving the payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Supply Ability: 10000 units/month

Detailed Product Description

Product Name: 2016 New Technology Portable ABS Hydrogen Water Dispenser Water Dispenser Color: Silver Grey
Function: Selectively Anti-oxidation, Improve Immunity Total Weight: 0.4kg
Charger: 100V-240V AC Warranty: 1 Year Guarantee
Diameter: 7.6cm Height: 11.4cm
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Cell Usage: Any Water Bottle With Standard Openning Size Of 2.8cm

2016 New Technology Portable ABS Hydrogen

Water Dispenser

ABS Hydrogen Water Dispenser , Professional Facial Machines For Women

Product Name Hydrogen Water Drinking Device
Brand Name H2 Life
Input 9V DC
Charger 110V-240V AC
Total Weight 0.4kg
Diameter 7.6cm
Height 11.4cm
Material ABS
Battery Top quality rechargeable lithium cell; 15 times/1charge; 7.2V DC; 2000 MAH
Warranty 1 year
PPM 0.8-1.2
Time 3-5 min (auto change according to water quality
Package & Size Cartoon 26x18x10 cm
Technology SPE
Material Platinum-titanium plate
Membrane PEM
PH 7.5-9


Hydrogen Water Drinking Device utilizes high-end 7-layered titanium- platinum plate to generate great amount of Hydrogen in the drinking water. Easy-to-run and portable size designed for family, office, school or any

occasions use.

Bullet Points

1. No need to change a filter ( can remove chlorine and oxidized water)

2. 1-Year Warranty (can offer 2-years warranty according to buyers’ demand)

3. Great for office executives and those on the move

4. Total dissolved hydrogen: 0.8-1.2 ppm (Tested in 400-700 ml water)

5. Used baby bottle material – no toxic chemicals

6. Generate high-concentration hydrogen water in just 3 minutes with one-touch button

7. Portable, Light, Easy-to-run and Stylish Design

8. Environment-friendly & Power-saving Lithium Battery charged via PSP charger

9. Hydrogen produced by advance electrolysis technology with long lifespan

10. Use only filtered water / tap water or mineral water

11. Size of Bottleneck: normal drinking bottle size with 2.8cm

How to use

•Connect the device with the PSP charger.

ABS Hydrogen Water Dispenser , Professional Facial Machines For Women

•Add water into the normal drinking bottle, connect the bottle with the machine. Then press the button.

•Drink hydrogen water after the Signal light stops in 3 minutes

•Repeat the process if the water is left after 6 hours (After 6 hours, the Hydrogen are all gone)

Note: Use only water in the bottle


  • Transforms regular water into hydrogen-rich water for daily consuming. Suggest to drink 7 cups of hydrogen water every day to keep cells in balance;
  • Long-term consuming can help prevent from illness, sub-health, anti-aging and prolong lifespan;
  • Rapid repair for gastric and intestinal lesion; and brings remarkable health-care benefit to visceral organs, blood, brain and etc..

Six Main Advantages

1. The highest hydrogen concentration produced within the shortest amount of time; (1200 ppb in 5 min)

  • The longest lifespan: use permanently! Never need to change parts and hydrogen production efficiency will always stay the same;
  • The best quality material and the most cutting-edge technology utilized on the internal parts we are confident to say it and therefore to produce the best quality water;
  • First-in-the-market water-quality-dependent device: by detecting the quality of the water, the device will change the speed and the length of time in order to reach the best concentration of hydrogen every time;
  • Can remove harmful gas and liquid: safely remove chlorine and oxidized water to make the water totally safe to drink;
  • Long-duration battery: utilizes the best quality battery and power-saving technology to make it capable to use 20 times after every charge;
  • Self-clean function: The signal light will remind us to clean inside the machine, what we should do is to add some water into the bottle and push the button, it will clean by itself.


1. Before delivering the machine, we will test and adjust it, so you can use it directly when you get it.

2. Operating Instruction will be sent to clients to help them better use the machines.

3. Any problems occur while using, professional advice will be given by us.

All kinds of frequently used parts are supplied from us all the year around.

4. We can offer our customer 1-year warranty, and can be 2-year if buyer requested.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Jacky Lai

Tel: +86-755-25809895

Mobile: +86-18718013024

E-mail: chhui02@chuanghuisz.com

Web: www.chuanghuielectronics.com

Chuanghui Hydrogen Water Series Products

Chuanghui Hydrogen Water Series Products.jpg

Hydrogen water beauty& health-care series are safe to use and free from side-effects. It is scientifically shown to be effective in treating over 73 kinds of diseases, including illness related to blood, cardiovascular, internal organs, brain, joints, immune system and etc. It can be safely used by all age groups daily without limitations and restrictions.

1) For health-care effect: Significant result in treating skin diseases such as dermatitis; and in rheumatism, joint pain, hypertension, diabetes and etc.

2) For beauty effect: Especially effective for skin anti-oxidation, reduce wrinkles, increase elasticity and softness



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